plugged & unplugged and XENIA with film

23 November, 15.00

plugged & unplugged and XENIA with film

Monica Germino, violin(s)/voice Anna Lange, film

Museum van Bommel van Dam

plugged & unplugged US Tour

Monica Germino: plugged & unplugged
A solo program for acoustic, amplified adapted acoustic, and electric violins, plus soundtrack, effects, samples, voice, film, movement, and installations

Violin/electric violin, adapted violin, voice
Monica Germino

Frank van der Weij

8 November, 20.00

The Prestige Concert Series
Performing Arts Center
Adelphi University (NY, USA)

10 November, 19.30

Followed by a show by the NY-based band Electric Kompany

Le Poisson Rouge/The Village Gate


2 November 2008

Nieuwe Avonturen (New Adventures)

2 November 2008, 20:30

Ostravská banda, 'Nieuwe Avonturen' ('New Adventures') series

Petr Kotik

Monica Germino, violin
Cristina Zavalloni, voice
Daan Vandewalle, piano

Vredenburg Leidsche Rijn
Utrecht, The Netherlands

Americans Festival

30 October, 20.30

An evening with Alvin Curran The 'Americans Festival'

Alvin Curran, piano & electronics Monica Germino, violin(s)

Ensembles Prins Claus Conservatorium
Including various works and films by Alvin Curran: Theme Park (1994/1995) for percussion, new work for violin, improvisation for piano & electronics

Grand Theatre
Groningen, The Netherlands

31 October, 20.15

The 'Americans Festival'

Works by John Zorn, Laurie Anderson & Michael Gordon

Het Noord Nederlands Orkest

Kasper de Roo

Laurie Anderson, violin/voice
Monica Germino, adapted acoustic amplified violin
(Michael Gordon: Industry, violin version)
Frank van der Weij, sound

Press for this combination of Germino's version for adapted, amplified acoustic violin and effects:

"Elegant rock"
Trouw, NL

"a tour-de-force of slowly rising intensity"
Daily Telegraph, UK

Grand Theatre
The Netherlands

The festival runs from 25 October - 1 November 2008

Organized by the North Netherlands Orchestra & Stichting Prime

Featured guest composers
Laurie Anderson, Alvin Curran & Michael Gordon

Recorded live by the NPS Radio

plugged & unplugged

23 October, 20.00

plugged & unplugged
a solo program for acoustic, amplified adapted acoustic, and electric violins, plus soundtrack, effects, samples, voice, film, movement, and installations

Violin(s), voice
Monica Germino

Provadja Theater

Poetic Disasters Tour

Poetic Disasters
a choreography by Club guy & roni,
with music by Heiner Goebbels

Monica Germino, violin/el. violin
Tomoko Mukaiyama, keyboard and samples

16 September

Staats Theater
Weimar, Germany

18 September

Haus Der Berliner Festspiele
Berlin, Germany

25 & 26 September

Groningen, The Netherlands

5 October

Utrecht, The Netherlands

For more dates and details

International Gaudeamus Music Week

6 September, 20.30

International Gaudeamus Music Week

Michael Daugherty: LEX, for solo electric violin and ensemble.

Peter Prommel

Monica Germino, el. violin (Violectra);

Also on the program: LOSS, Mondriaan Kwartet, Janneke Groesz, Rob van Dord, Eduard van Regteren Altena, Ensemble Conservatorium van Amsterdam & music by Cheko Doi, Hikari Kiyama, Peter Swinnen & Vedran Mehinovic.

Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ
The Netherlands

Grand Teton Music Festival

14-28 July

Performances at the Grand Teton Music Festival

Jackson Hole

La Commedia, by Louis Andriessen

12 June, 20.00 World Premiere


14, 15, 16, 17, 18 June

La Commedia, by Louis Andriessen

Reinbert de Leeuw

Hal Hartley

Claron McFadden (Béatrice), Cristina Zavalloni (Dante) Jeroen Willems (Lucifer), Marcel Beekman (Casella)

Asko Ensemble & Schönberg Ensemble

Vocal ensemble
Synergy Vocals

Electronic sound fragments
Anke Brouwer

De Nederlandse Opera, Holland Festival, Asko Ensemble & Schönberg Ensemble

Koninklijk Theater Carré

Ticket reservations: 0900 25 25 255

Xenia (with film by Anna Lange)

25 May, 14.30

Monica Germino, violin/voice and Anna Lange, visual artist

Xenia (with film by Anna Lange)
by Louis Andriessen

Museum van Bommel & van Dam
The Netherlands

Prague Spring International Music Festival

23 May, 20.00

Michaela Riener, voice
Monica Germino, violin
Daan Vandewalle, piano
Hana Kotková, violin

Ostravská banda (Ostrava Band)

Petr Kotík

Louis Andriessen, Petr Kotík, Elliott Carter, Miroslav Srnka, György Ligeti

Rudolfinum Concert Hall
Prague Spring International Music Festival

Ostrava Center For New Music

Tijdgenoten - In the Distances of Sleep

22 April, 20.15

Tijdgenoten - In the Distances of Sleep
Asko Ensemble & Schönberg Ensemble

Elliott Carter, Igor Stravinsky & Alexander Goehr

Oliver Knussen

Rosemary Hardy, mezzo soprano
Nicolas Hodges, piano

18.00 - 19.00: short concert and talk in the Spiegelzaal: Hans Haffmans talks with composer Alezander Goehr

Large Hall
The Netherlands

Waanzinning Interessante Muziek

20 April, 17.00


WIM - Waanzinning Interessante Muziek (Incredibly Interesting Music) Festival

ELECTRA & FILM & presenting the new CD/DVD ABLE TO BE

JacobTV, Donnacha Dennehy, Louis Andriessen, & Vinex Productions

Hal Hartley, Vinex Productions, Kristien Kerstens, Colm Tobin, AKI, and Mark Linnane

Orpheus Schouwburg
The Netherlands

Orpheus ticket office: 0900 123 0 123
Entrance includes both shows (ELECTRA at 17.00 and Tomoko Mukaiyama at 18.30) & dinner afterwards.

Xenia & plugged & unplugged

9 March, 14.30

Monica Germino, violin/voice
Anna Lange, visual artist

Xenia (with film by Anna Lange)
plugged & unplugged

JacobTV, Heiner Goebbels, Philip Glass, J.S. Bach, Louis Andriessen

De Pont
The Netherlands

15 February 2008

UK press for plugged & unplugged

Monica Germino's newest solo show plugged & unplugged received rave reviews in the UK press.

Her virtuosity was exhilarating...American-born, Netherlands-based, she is a young, striking presence whose recital was an integrated mixed-media event."

The Sunday Times (UK)

...Huddersfield's real stars are its performers, as further demonstrated by the dazzling violinist Monica Germino...

The Observer (UK)

Monica Germino, a vividly personable player on the electric and normal violin, works with a sound engineer to transform her violin at one moment into a colossally deep double bass, the next into a wailing electric guitar...

The Daily Telegraph (UK)

(In) the rest of her clever, enjoyable programme (plugged & unplugged), Bach shook hands with gutsy display pieces by Louis Andriessen and Heiner Goebbels and the curdled harmonies and screeches of Michael Gordon’s Industry.

The Times (UK)

Poetic Disasters

Concept & choreography
Club guy & roni - Roni Haver and Guy Weizman

Heiner Goebbels

Monica Germino

Keyboard and samples
Tomoko Mukaiyama

Dance and artistic input
Roni Haver, Dunja Jocic, Eva Puschendorf, Yvonne Weschke, Jorge Morro, Igor Podsiadly

25 January

Premiere of Poetic Disasters

26 January

Künstlerhaus Mousonturm Frankfurt am Main
Frankfurt, Germany

1, 2 February

Premiere of Poetic Disasters

Korzo Theater
Den Haag, The Netherlands

A co-production met Prime and Künstlerhaus Mousonturm

Music as Theatre

Music as Theatre Symposium

Guest speakers/performers
Monica Germino, Jorge Isaac, Jannie Pranger, Jacob ter Veldhuis, Gabor Tarjan, Electric Kompany

Gebouw K&W
The Netherlands

Michaela Riener Recital

14 January, 20.00

Special guests

Donnacha Dennehy, Schubert, Berlioz & Saint-Saëns

Kees van Barenzaal
Koninklijk Conservatorium
The Hague
The Netherlands