19 December 2011

Recording with Electric Barbarian

19 - 21 December

CD recording with Electric Barbarian

Whirly Girls

ELECTRA, in collaboration with Renske Vrolijk premiere of the complete show: Whirly Girls

Renske Vrolijk
Lucas Wiegerink
Vanessa Lann
Michiel Mensingh

18 December, 20.30

RED SOFA: new music in De Doelen

Eduard Flipse Hall
De Doelen
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

22 December

Huis aan de Werf
Utrecht, The Netherlands

Roadmaps & Diaries

Roadmaps & Diaries

New works – new films – improvisation

Violin, electric violin, voice
Monica Germino

Piano Tomoko Mukaiyama
Reinier van Houdt
Sarah Nicolls

Sound Frank van der Weij

Arnoud Noordegraaf
Petra van der Schoot

& much more

15 December, 20.30

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Together with three of the most adventurous pianists around, cutting-edge violinist Monica Germino presents ROADMAPS & DIARIES: an eclectic mix of ground-breaking new music, film, improvisation and installations. Each of this evening’s versatile performers shares a certain rebellious streak, as well as a penchant for executing unconventional feats and going beyond the limitations of their instruments.

New technologies, images, singing and interdisciplinary collaboration are often integrated in their performances. Featuring a multimedia work by Piet-Jan van Rossum, Arnoud Noordegraaf’s dissociation-music & film-installation for two of Monica’s pieces and much more.

Whirly Girls Tour

ELECTRA takes the show WHIRLY GIRLS on tour

In collaboration with Renske Vrolijk


13 November 2011, 14.00 / 15.00 / 16.00

Preview at the November Music Festival

Koningstheater Den Bosch, The Netherlands

27 april 2012

Plaza Futura, Eindhoven

28 April 2012

Korzo Theater, The Hague

10 & 11 May 2012

De Melkweg, Amsterdam


CLAZZ ENSEMBLE – on tour in The Netherlands & Belgium

His Master's Choice
featuring music by Louis Andriessen

Special guests
Cristina Zavalloni
Monica Germino

6 November, 15.30

Lux Theater
Nijmegen, The Netherlands

9 November, 19.00 and 22.00

Opens the 2011 November Music festival

Den Bosch, The Netherlands

10 November, 20.00

Concertgebouw Brugge
i.s.m de Werf - Brugge

11 November, 20.00

Utrecht, The Netherlands

12 November, 20.00

Zeeuwse Concertzaal
Middelburg, The Netherlands

16 November, 20.30

Plaza Futura i.s.m Axes Jazzpower
Eindhoven, The Netherlands

17 November, 20.15

Leiden, The Netherlands

18 November, 20.30

Opens the International Jazz Festival

De Doelen
Rotterdam, the Netherlands

19 November, 20.30

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Electric Barbarian in Museumnacht

5 November, 23.00

Electric Barbarian in Museumnacht (Museum Night)

De Brakke Grond: Amsterdam
The Netherlands

MCN Muziekcafé: Composers & Soloists

19 May, 15.00

MCN Muziekcafé: Composers & Soloists
Leading a discussion, geared towards composers & performers:  trombonist Jörgen van Rijen, violinist Monica Germino, and composers Calliope Tsoupaki & Hans Koolmees

A collaboration between soloist and composer is inspiring for both parties. How does such a collaboration work; what results can one expect?

Muziek Centrum Netherlands
Rokin 111 Amsterdam, The Netherlands

World premiere of La Girò

MITO Settembre Musica Festival
World premiere of La Girò (2011) by Louis Andriessen

Louis Andriessen’s La Girò (2011) for violin and large ensemble features Monica Germino as soloist, and has a distinctly Italian theme. The title refers to Anna Girò, a high-profile singer and muse of Antonio Vivaldi.

The piece would not have become the 'performance' it is without its dedicatee, the violinist Monica Germino. The soloist (La Girò, perhaps?) does not only play the violin. She also sings an Italian song, whispers and talks, tells stories and dreams...

Read more about La Girò

5 September, 21.00 - World premiere

World premieres
Louis Andriessen, Harrison Birtwistle, Matteo Franceschini & Fabio Vacchi

Monica Germino, violin/voice

David Atherton

London Sinfonietta

Sound Intermedia

Teatro Dal Verme
Milan, Italy
Live broadcast by Italian National Radio 3

6 September, 21.00

Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi
Torino, Italy

Duo Germino/Koleva

Duo Germino/Koleva: electric violin & percussion

Donnacha Dennehy, Jacob TV, Philip Glass, improvisation & more

5 June, 14.00 & 15:30

SCHUNCK* / Glaspaleis
Heerlen, The Netherlands

5 June, 20.30

Festival Classique The Hague


13 May, 20.30

ELECTRO ACOUSTIC SESSIONS Monica Germino, violin/electric violin/voice
Frank van der Weij, sound

Set 1
Pieces from the program DEVIATION - works by Julia Wolfe, David Dramm* & TBA

Set 2
Tobias Klein & Raphael Vanoli

Grand Theater
Groningen, The Netherlands
Videos of the Bimhuis-premiere of David Dramm’s piece

DEVIATION was made possible with support from:Gaudeamus Foundation, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, Eduard van Beinum Foundation, Performing Arts Fund NL & STEIM

Festival of Adventurous Music

Thursday 24 March, 20:30pm

Rumor: Festival of Adventurous Music, 64th edition

Pieces from the program DEVIATION - works by Julia Wolfe, David Dramm, Donnacha Dennehy & TBA

Monica Germino, violin / electric violin / voice
Frank van der Weij, sound

Videos of the Bimhuis-premiere of David Dramm’s piece

This program was made possible with support from: Gaudeamus Foundation, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, Eduard van Beinum Foundation, Performing Arts Fund NL & STEIM

Electric Barbarian Tour

With guest Monica Germino on electric violin

The Ghost of Langston Hughes

20 March

Posthuis Theater
Heerenveen, The Netherlands  

18 March

Winschoten, The Netherlands

17 March

Theater De Kolk
Assen, The Netherlands

Cornish College of the Arts Residency

6 –10 March

Residency at the Cornish College of the Arts
Seattle, WA, USA

Seminars, classes, rehearsals

Wednesday 9 March, 8:00 pm

Cornish College of the Arts

Other Minds Festival Residency

27 February – 5 March

Residency at the Other Minds Festival
San Francisco CA, USA

Concerts 3, 5 March

Cristina Zavalloni, voice
Monica Germino, violin

Louis Andriessen
Press release,


Sunday 13 February, 15.00


ELECTRA rounds-off a multi-city tour of ELECTRA’s SECOND LIFE with Sonsoles Alonso, piano & music by the U.C.C.

Theater Corrosia
Almere, The Netherlands

Photos of rehearsal process & the past 3 concerts


Electric Barbarian

Friday 4 February, 20:15

Electric Barbarian
with Monica Germino - electric violin

Toon en Taal festival (‘Sound and Speech’ festival)

The Ghost of Langston Hughes

Provadja Theater
Verdronkenoord 12
Alkmaar, The Netherlands

Theater De Regentes

Thursday, 27 January, 20:30

Theater De Regentes
Weimarstraat 63  | 2562 GR Den Haag

Tel. 070-3637798