Andriessen Dynasty

with pianist Tomoko Mukaiyama

pictured in photo: Louis Andriessen

Monica Germino, violin & Tomoko Mukaiyama, piano

Andriessen Dynasty
A program with highlights from the solo and chamber music repertoire from the Andriessen family

Louis Andriessen: Souvenirs d'enfance: Blokken (1966)
Louis Andriessen: XENIA (2005)
Jurriaan Andriessen: Sonata (1950)
Louis Andriessen: Tuin van Eros (2002)
Hendrik Andriessen: Fiat Domine (1921)
Louis Andriessen: Le Voile du Bonheur (1966-1971)
Louis Andriessen: Souvenirs de mon enfance (1965): Une Méditation hâtive (1954)
Memory of Roses (1992) with optional film fragment by Jan de Bont

Monica Germino and Tomoko Mukaiyama have worked closely with composer Louis Andriessen since 1992. As soloists with orchestras and ensembles, they have performed his music worldwide. Andriessen has dedicated a number of his works to them.

Andriessen Dynasty is an exceptional program, representing an essential part of Dutch music history. The program consists of a rich, colorful combination of pieces by Hendrik Andriessen and his two sons, Louis and Jurriaan. Underlying the program are the similarities and the contrasts between a patriarch and his sons as well as between brothers, young and old. Louis Andriessen dedicated XENIA, a virtuoso work for solo violin, to Monica Germino. The piece ends with a stunningly beautiful movement titled 'Song', in which she simultaneously sings and plays. The premiere took place at the opening of the Holland Festival in the Concertgebouw in 2005. Monica and Tomoko premiered Louis Andriessen's version of Tuin van Eros for violin and piano in 2002. This fragile masterpiece was originally written for string quartet. Louis Andriessen dedicated the solo piano piece Memory of Roses to Tomoko Mukaiyama. The contrast between this meditative piece and the fierce solo piano work Blokken from 1966 is just one of many intrigues in this program. Souvenirs de mon enfance is accompanied by a unique film fragment made by cameraman Jan de Bont, from a multimedia television program from the late 1960s.