My Private Odyssey

After 30 performances, the 2014-2015 tour of My Private Odyssey has come to a close. A spectacular collaboration with the extraordinary Club Guy & Roni, tanzmainz, composer David Dramm & composer/pianist Tomoko Mukaiyama, (electric) violinist Monica Germino, and flutist Anne La Berge.

Some press below:

"...honest and extraordinarily modern. Magnificent." -Allgemeine Zeitung
5 stars, *****
"It's also refreshing to see musicians at work that are not just fantastic performers but also 
strong actors. The main merit of My Private Odyssey is the harmony between all of the media, 
dancers, musicians, and that orating, chain-smoking Albert Camus meets Alain Delon..."
"...the fabulous dance group Club Guy & Roni...through an explosion of dance and music they 
bring a scorching ode to Homer, while driven by Odyssey's monologue written by Van den Bosch.” 
-NRC Handelsblad


The Cast:

Choreography: Club Guy & Roni - Guy Weizman & Roni Haver | Music: David Dramm, Tomoko Mukaiyama | Text: Ko van den Bosch | Decor: Ascon de Nijs | Costumes: Slavna Martinovic | Sound: Martin Lambeek | Light: Wil Frikken (Grand Theatre) | Visuals: WERC | Dramaturgy: Veerle van Overloop | Live muziek: Tomoko Mukaiyama, Monica Germino, Anne La Berge | Dancers: Mariya Bushuyeva, Angela Herenda de Kroo, Sofiko Nachkebiya, Tijana Prendovic, Marc Borras, Camilo Chapela, Adam Peterson, Igor Podsiadly, Lewis Seivwright, Zachary Chant.

Co-producers: tanzmainz, Tomoko Mukaiyama Foundation, VOLSAP foundation.

photo: Andreas J Etter; costumes by Slavna Martinovic