SUITES OF LUX was originally commissioned by Scapino Ballet Rotterdam, for choreographer Nanine Linning’s large-scale work bearing the same name. The music has been recorded and is available through Basta Music, as well as Amazon, Tower Records, Universal Records, Allegro records, and more. Box 3 in the Jacob TV series: 2CD | 3091 752

Dutch avant-pop composer Jacob TV (a.k.a. Jacob ter Veldhuis) is preoccupied with American media and world events, and draws raw material from those sources. His work possesses an explosive strength and raw energy combined with extraordinarily intricate architectural design. TV makes superb use of electronics, incorporating sound bytes from political speeches, commercials, interviews, talk shows, televangelists, and more-a colorful mix of high and low culture.

CD Reviews:

Records International

"Highly expressive and emotional, almost anti-intellectual music, clear of texture and architectural in form, highly organized and basically tonal, though betraying no inclination towards any neoclassical procedures. A kind of non-repetitive minimalism, brooding and powerful."

All Music

by Stephen Eddins

“...Monica Germino plays expansively and with beautiful tone in the rock- and new age-tinged SUITES OF LUX, for electronic violin and soundtrack, the largest work on the album.”

Reviews of live performances, SUITES OF LUX:


'Jacob ter Veldhuis composed a solo for Monica Germino, who drew long, plaintive tones and piercing outbursts from her powerfully amplified electric violin, alongside a soundtrack of indefinable sounds... The violinist is the central figure on stage. She breathes life into the the dancers with her notes and summons the memories in them to wake. She leads, inspires, manipulates.'


'As a magical central point, violinist Monica Germino leads the spectator through the choreography... Germino's presence is inescapable. Her electric violin sounds are truly bewitching.'

Rotterdams Dagblad:

'Violinist Monica Germino performs Jacob ter Veldhuis' new score live and moves like an eleventh dancer through the group. The amplified electric violin music lures you into another world…'
'Dancers are lashed into action by violinist Monica Germino, who is always on stage. She [Germino] resembles a kind of snake charmer, but then not with a flute but rather with her electric violin...'

commissioned by: Scapino Ballet Rotterdam
Choreography: Nanine Linning
Music: Jacob TV (live), for electric violin & soundtrack
Performed live by Monica Germino, Violectra

In 2001, Nanine Linning became the youngest house-choreographer in The Netherlands. In her years thus far with Scapino Ballet Rotterdam she has more than fulfilled her potential and exhibited her exceptional choreographical talent in a series of stunning dance pieces. Linning presented her first full evening with Scapino of her work, focusing on the theme: LIGHT. Light design has played an increasingly prominent role in her work. She uses lighting in an unconventional manner for the theater, making not only the light itself visible but also its source. Fashion, sculpture, design, architecture, and new media are also familiar sources of inspiration for Linning. Her dance style is spatial and pure: it concerns movement. She thus creates her own universe through the extraordinary way in which she works with light and space.

Linning searched for stillness and serenity in her new dance piece, her fifth large production with Scapino. In contrast to her monumental work THE NEON LOUNGE, SUITES OF LUX is magical and subtle. The light decor conjures up enchantment and the transparent sounds of the melodic music evoke a trance atmosphere.The Dutch composer Jacob ter Veldhuis composed his new work for electric violin and soundtrack, performed live on stage by top violinist Monica Germino. Having worked together in previous productions, Linning and Ter Veldhuis once again formed a creative duo, assisted by costume designer Petra Finke. SUITES OF LUX is the first part of Linning's future full evening's dance production.