Americans Festival

30 October, 20.30

An evening with Alvin Curran The 'Americans Festival'

Alvin Curran, piano & electronics Monica Germino, violin(s)

Ensembles Prins Claus Conservatorium
Including various works and films by Alvin Curran: Theme Park (1994/1995) for percussion, new work for violin, improvisation for piano & electronics

Grand Theatre
Groningen, The Netherlands

31 October, 20.15

The 'Americans Festival'

Works by John Zorn, Laurie Anderson & Michael Gordon

Het Noord Nederlands Orkest

Kasper de Roo

Laurie Anderson, violin/voice
Monica Germino, adapted acoustic amplified violin
(Michael Gordon: Industry, violin version)
Frank van der Weij, sound

Press for this combination of Germino's version for adapted, amplified acoustic violin and effects:

"Elegant rock"
Trouw, NL

"a tour-de-force of slowly rising intensity"
Daily Telegraph, UK

Grand Theatre
The Netherlands

The festival runs from 25 October - 1 November 2008

Organized by the North Netherlands Orchestra & Stichting Prime

Featured guest composers
Laurie Anderson, Alvin Curran & Michael Gordon

Recorded live by the NPS Radio