Goebbels & Gubaidulina Festival

16-21 October

Guest artist in residence, Goebbels & Gubaidulina Festival, hosted by Stichting

Prime & Grand Theatre Groningen Groningen, The Netherlands

www.grand-theatre.nl www.prime-nieuwemuziek.nl

19 October, 19.15

Works by Heiner Goebbels


Heiner Goebbels: Bagatellen für Violine - mit obligater Klarinette und Sampler (1989-2006)

Monica Germino, amplified violin solo Tomoko Mukaiyama, sampler David Kweksilber, clarinet

  • other works, including: Black on White, Red Run, and La Jalousie with: Asko Ensemble

Peter Rundel

clubguy & roni dance company
Grand Theatre; Groningen, The Netherlands

www.grand-theatre.nl www.prime-nieuwemuziek.nl

20 Oktober, 22.30

After-party, Goebbels/Gubaidulina festival

Philip Glass: Strung Out for amplified violin

Monica Germino, violin solo
also with: media-artists Roger Muskee & Robert Keun; students of the Academy of Pop Culture & ABK Minerva; composer Ivo van Emmerik & students from the ArtEZ Conservatorium with a remix of Goebbels' music

Produced in collaboration with Prime Festival & Pavlov Media