Rave review for RACHE

"It makes one's blood run cold," wrote Marc van der Heijde about the premiere of RACHE in his blog for the Operadagen Rotterdam. "It's clear that the soloists-ensemble ELECTRA provided the composer [Boudewijn Tarenskeen] with extra inspiration. Michaela Riener, Susanna Borsch, Saskia Lankhoorn and Monica Germino are multi-talents, each convincing to one and all as singers, actresses and instrumentalists." 
"Elektra (with the gorgeous voice of Riener) killed her mother with the same axe that killed Elektra's father...when she in her lust for revenge finally slashes through the head of the drum...provides a new and powerful image of the classical drama..."
"At first, Marianne Bachmeier (Borsch) speaks through her instrument, the recorder...She wants to tell a coherent story but she makes her flute stutter, shout, and squeal...when she finally speaks, it is with the voice of a cold-blooded killer..."
"For the Biblical Judith, Lankhoorn portrays a seductress...her soft, husky, whispering voice...with texts surrounded by sounds from an old synthesizer...the increasing coldness in the music makes you slowly open your eyes..."
"Germino uses the violin as the sword with which the bride from Tarentino's "Kill Bill" killed a woman...the attack of the bow on the strings keeps you on the edge of your seat...Germino's appearance is every bit as intense as that of Uma Thurman: feline and on the cutting edge."
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photo: Anne Reinke