15 February 2008

UK press for plugged & unplugged

Monica Germino's newest solo show plugged & unplugged received rave reviews in the UK press.

Her virtuosity was exhilarating...American-born, Netherlands-based, she is a young, striking presence whose recital was an integrated mixed-media event."

The Sunday Times (UK)

...Huddersfield's real stars are its performers, as further demonstrated by the dazzling violinist Monica Germino...

The Observer (UK)

Monica Germino, a vividly personable player on the electric and normal violin, works with a sound engineer to transform her violin at one moment into a colossally deep double bass, the next into a wailing electric guitar...

The Daily Telegraph (UK)

(In) the rest of her clever, enjoyable programme (plugged & unplugged), Bach shook hands with gutsy display pieces by Louis Andriessen and Heiner Goebbels and the curdled harmonies and screeches of Michael Gordon’s Industry.

The Times (UK)