WQXR Radio, Q2 Music: Roadmaps & Diaries II

Roadmaps and Diaries II: Monica Germino, violin/voice, Frank van der Weij, sound design

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New York Public Radio/WQXR; produced by Alex Ambrose for Q2

Tuesday, July 8 at 11 am ET, Phil Kline continues his presentation of the "Andriessen 75" festival in Washington, D.C. with a concert titled "Roadmaps and Diaries II." The performance features solo violin music that blurs the line between the acoustic and electric featuring works by Louis Andriessen and kindred spirits – including a few former students – Julia Wolfe, Kate Moore, Michael Gordon and Donnacha Dennehy. The program was performed by Monica Germino and sound-designed by Frank van der Weij.

Irish composer Donnacha Dennehy's Overstrung for violin and tape opened the program. Written specifically for Germino, the music is built largely on the overtone series and harmonics. Next came the world premiere of Dolorosa, a song for violin and augmented voice by Australian composer Kate Moore. The American premiere of with a blue dress on by Bang on a Can's Julia Wolfe came next, followed by Andriessen's piece Xenia, a wailing, pitch-bending work with a voice part. The performance closed with Michael Gordon's overdriven Industry originally written for amplified cello, a work that seems to distort and warp as it happens.

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