My Private Odyssey

photo: Veerle van Overloop
MY PRIVATE ODYSSEY is a collaboration with Club Guy & Roni, tanzmainz, and the musical dream team: composer David Dramm & composer/pianist Tomoko Mukaiyama - performed live by Tomoko Mukaiyama, Monica Germino, Anne La Berge. 
Premiere: 15 October 2014, Mainz, Germany
Dutch premiere, 23 October 2014, Groningen, the Netherlands.
The tour will follow, racing and looping between Germany and The Netherlands until February 2015.
Wed 15-10 Staatstheater Mainz | Mainz (DE) (PREMIERE)
Sat 18-10 Staatstheater Mainz | Mainz (DE)
Thu 23-10 Stadsschouwburg | Groningen (NL PREMIERE)
Fri 24-10 Stadsschouwburg | Groningen
Mon 27-10 Staatstheater Mainz | Mainz (DE)
Sun 02-11 Staatstheater Mainz | Mainz (DE)
Thu 06-11 Rotterdamse Schouwburg | Rotterdam
Sun 09-11 Staatstheater Mainz | Mainz (DE)
Sat 15-11 Staatstheater Mainz | Mainz (DE)
Sat 22-11 Staatstheater Mainz | Mainz (DE)
Thu 27-11 Energiehuis Dordrecht | Dordrecht
Wed 03-12 Goudse Schouwburg | Gouda
Sun 07-12 Staatstheater Mainz | Mainz (DE)
Thu 11-12 Schouwburg De Lawei | Drachten
Mon 15-12 Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam | Amsterdam
Fri 19-12 Schouwburg Almere | Almere
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‘The Odyssey’ still fascinates and inspires... read more


Heiner Goebbels: Walden

12 September, 16.00

Try-out performance Scheltema, Leiden

14 & 15 September, 20.00

Bern Biennale
Bern, Switzerland

19 September, 20.00

Frankfurt, Germany

Poetic Disasters

17 March, 20.00

Poetic Disasters, a choreography by Club guy & roni, with music by Heiner Goebbels

Monica Germino, violin/electric violin
Tomoko Mukaiyama, keyboard and samples

Theater Bielefeld
Bielefeld, Germany

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Poetic Disasters Tour

Poetic Disasters
a choreography by Club guy & roni,
with music by Heiner Goebbels

Monica Germino, violin/el. violin
Tomoko Mukaiyama, keyboard and samples

16 September

Staats Theater
Weimar, Germany

18 September

Haus Der Berliner Festspiele
Berlin, Germany

25 & 26 September

Groningen, The Netherlands

5 October

Utrecht, The Netherlands

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Poetic Disasters

Concept & choreography
Club guy & roni - Roni Haver and Guy Weizman

Heiner Goebbels

Monica Germino

Keyboard and samples
Tomoko Mukaiyama

Dance and artistic input
Roni Haver, Dunja Jocic, Eva Puschendorf, Yvonne Weschke, Jorge Morro, Igor Podsiadly

25 January

Premiere of Poetic Disasters

26 January

Künstlerhaus Mousonturm Frankfurt am Main
Frankfurt, Germany

1, 2 February

Premiere of Poetic Disasters

Korzo Theater
Den Haag, The Netherlands

A co-production met Prime and Künstlerhaus Mousonturm

Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival

21 July, 21.00

Witches & Bitches

Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival
Halle 400
Kiel, Germany

17 July 2006

Ives Ensemble

Piet-Jan van Rossum, Daniel Matej, Marko Nikodijevic, David Young, Christopher Fox, Richard Rijnvos

Ives Ensemble
Stuttgart, Germany