Wonderfeel festival

Sunday 21 July, 21:30 - 22:15 

Ongehoord, curated by Masa Spaan
Monica Germino – violin, voice
MUTED is a collective work by 4 composersMichael GordonJulia Wolfe, David Lang, Louis Andriessen
for violin, voice, whisperviolin, frame violins, a multitude of mutes, and light design
Stage design & lighting: Floriaan Ganzevoort & Isabel Nielen / Theatermachine
Text: excerpts from Archy and Mehitabel by Don Marquis
Creators, whisperviolin: Bas Maas Marcel Wanders

"The composers involved explain that “Muted” isn’t necessarily difficult for audiences to hear. [Michael] Gordon said concertgoers just need to pay closer attention. He likens it to stepping into a dimly lit room and adjusting your eyes until you can see clearly once again..." The Wall Street Journal
MUTED was co-commissioned by De Doelen Rotterdam (executive producer), Music on Main Vancouver, New York Philharmonic Orchestra, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, and the Oranjewoud Festival
MUTED is a quest for the outer limits of the audible. After being diagnosed with hyperacusis (extreme sensitivity to sound) Monica had to abandon her usual performances. The American composers’ collective Bang on a Can and Louis Andriessen joined forces to create a piece that allows her to explore the outer limits of the audible, the universe of expression and tonal subtlety that hides in extreme quietness. In addition to her Ceruti violin on loan from the Else Mathilde Foundation, she will play a rare ‘frame violin’ (without resonance chamber) and a ‘whisperviolin’, specially designed for her by designer Marcel Wanders and luthier Bas Maas.
MUTED in the press
photo Jan Gates