Red Sofa: Festival Spring Loaded

21 - 26 March, 2018
Red Sofa celebrates 10-year anniversary with Festival Spring Loaded
Monica Germino, pop-up artist in residence
Jubileum of Red Sofa in the Doelen celebrated with Festival Spring Loaded: Read press release here

Spring Loaded presents film, premieres, cycling, and more
Young composers write new works, Monica Germino is pop-up artist in residence, five world premieres, a bicycle tour to four secret concert venues, and much more.   

Opening concert on 21 March: Pete Harden, the Matangi Quartet, Ensemble Klang, and Michaela Riener are working together for the opening concert. Oscar Bettison’s composition 'Presence of Absence' is combined with the film 'Homo Sapiens’ by renowned filmmaker Nikolaus Geyrhalter.
An extraordinary series of concerts
For 10 years now, De Doelen has been presenting modern music in an accessible manner under the name 'Red Sofa.' With a bright red sofa on stage as a symbol of hospitality and by providing every concert with free introductions, follow-up talks and meet & greets with musicians and composers, a sound world unknown to many has been unlocked for the past 10 years. With around 10,500 filled seats at Red Sofa concerts in 2017, de Doelen has managed to set up the largest community for new music in the Netherlands. Ten years of Red Sofa will be celebrated with the six-day Festival Spring Loaded from 21 to 26 March 2018.

ELECTRA premieres new show: RACHE ('REVENGE')

photo: Anne Reinke

PREMIERE: Operadagen Rotterdam. Thursday 28 May: shows at 19.00 & 22.00

ELECTRA is in the final stages of rehearsing and developing the new show RACHE ('REVENGE'). Together with composer Boudewijn Tarenskeen, ELECTRA tells the tale of four murderesses whose motive was revenge: Elektra (Michaela Riener), Marianne Bachmeier (Susanna Borsch), Judith (Saskia Lankhoorn), and Kill Bill (Monica Germino).


Michaela Riener: mezzosoprano, bass drum/percussion
Monica Germino: violin, voice
Susanna Borsch: recorders, voice
Saskia Lankhoorn: Hammond organ, Fender piano, synthesizer, piano, voice, percussion

The wonderful team of collaborators: Boudewijn Tarenskeen (composer), Paul Koek (advice/direction), Wende Snijders (staging advice), Cecile Brommer (dramaturg), Micha de Kanter (sound design/artistic advice), Nico de Rooij & Djana Kovic (scenography and light design) [], Peter van Amstel (manager ELECTRA). Clothing sponsored by Leg-Inc.

Performance dates start 28 May 2015, premiering in the Operadagen Rotterdam, and run through spring 2016. 

Information in English on the Rotterdam Opera Days website

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