Roadmaps & Diaries

Roadmaps & Diaries

New works – new films – improvisation

Violin, electric violin, voice
Monica Germino

Piano Tomoko Mukaiyama
Reinier van Houdt
Sarah Nicolls

Sound Frank van der Weij

Arnoud Noordegraaf
Petra van der Schoot

& much more

15 December, 20.30

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Together with three of the most adventurous pianists around, cutting-edge violinist Monica Germino presents ROADMAPS & DIARIES: an eclectic mix of ground-breaking new music, film, improvisation and installations. Each of this evening’s versatile performers shares a certain rebellious streak, as well as a penchant for executing unconventional feats and going beyond the limitations of their instruments.

New technologies, images, singing and interdisciplinary collaboration are often integrated in their performances. Featuring a multimedia work by Piet-Jan van Rossum, Arnoud Noordegraaf’s dissociation-music & film-installation for two of Monica’s pieces and much more.