La Passione in Cologne

photo: Co Broerse

10 May 2015, 20.00

Louis Andriessen: La Passione for voice, violin and large ensemble

Premiere of version with images by Jaap Drupsteen

Bas Wiegers, conductor 
Cristina Zavalloni, voice
Monica Germino, violin
Jaap Drupsteen, visualization

ACHT BRÜCKEN 2015 | "EIGHT BRIDGES" 2015 Festival 
Kölner Philharmonie 
Cologne, Germany 

ACHT BRÜCKEN 2015 | "EIGHT BRIDGES" 2015 takes "Music. Politics?" as its theme, asking whether and to what extent new music has a political stance or is even itself a political act. Works by composers such as Louis Andriessen offer ample material for this lively controversy.


Louis Andriessen: M is for Man, Music, Mozart (1991), Tapdance (2013), La Passione (2002)

Malika Kishino: Heliodor (Geschenk der Sonne) (2015) (premiere)

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