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EARLINE magazine (NL)

The latest edition of Earline Magazine addresses the prevalence of hearing issues among professional musicians, often due to frequent exposure to excessively loud conditions. Earline hosted a panel discussion with Director of the NVAB Carmen De Jonge, rapper and composer Rosario Mussendijk (sor), oboist Marc Stotijn, clinical physicist & audiologist Jan de Laat, and bassoonist Jos de Lange. Violinist Monica Germino reacts to the discussion. 

'The answer was found in the whisperviolin’
In her reaction to the panel discussion hosted by Earline with the NVAB, violinist Monica Germino discusses her struggle with hyperacusis, how to reduce the number of decibels under her ears, and how the whisperviolin provided a lifeline during a tumultuous time. 

This article is part of a larger conversation about breaking down the taboo around hearing issues among musicians. Germino is spearheading an effort to shine a light on this often-whispered topic among musicians, looking at how musicians can adapt themselves and/or their surroundings to protect their fragile hearing.
Germino: “Ever since I first started to talk publicly about my hearing and working out how to deal with the new situation, I’ve been getting messages from musicians reaching out. Often very moving, many sadly familiar, and all requesting confidentiality. Which of course I honor, but the fact that hearing is still a taboo topic among musicians in 2022 is something very long overdue for a change. And then there is the music industry itself — I see many chances to develop initiatives where musicians could continue to perform without jeopardizing their hearing."