The Silence Inbetween

The Silence Inbetween by The Lyric Feature, the Irish broadcaster RTÉ lyric fm's weekly documentary slot.

Pianist and radio host Guy Livingston takes us on a journey from the pauses of medieval chant, through silences in Monteverdi, Mahler, Pärt, and beyond. He meets Monica Germino, a violinist who pioneered the “whisperviolin” after her hearing demanded serious protection; Romain Charles, an astronaut who spent 520 days in isolation on a simulated mission to Mars; Luis Rolo, an antenna engineer from the European Space Agency; and Sean Street, author of a book on silence. Jane Clarke’s poem “The Pianist” concludes this feature.

Presenter : Guy Livingston
Producer for lyric fm: Olga Buckley
Premiered: 19 April 2020

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photo Anne Reinke